About ManyWeathers°

Classic yet original, ManyWeathers° neckwarmers and skirts offer a creative extra touch for style and comfort, from casual to dressy.

ManyWeathers is an American company. Handmade in Portland, Oregon, out of American-made top-of-the-line recycled polyester fleece that doesn’t pill, the neckwarmers come in more than a dozen assorted colors.

ManyWeathers’ feel-good appeal offers stylish and affordable quality for men and women of every age.


About Bondi Nyary

ManyWeathers, founded by Bondi Nyary in 2012, combines Bondi’s lifelong passions for art, design, sewing, and gardening.

A visual artist, Bondi was just out of high school when she was accepted by the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston without any formal prior training. She studied painting and drawing there and at Pratt Institute, where she received her BFA. The sense of color, space, and design she developed there has influenced everything she’s done since.

That includes sewing. Bondi’s been sewing most of her life, beginning with dolls, her own clothes and patchwork quilts when she was a teenager. While attending Pratt she lived in Brooklyn and she made custom leather clothes and accessories at a shop called the Scarlet Leather in the West Village.

After time traveling in the Pacific Rim, where her adventures included earning her passage from Bali to Singapore by cooking for the crew of a sailboat, she settled in Portland.

That’s where her love of gardening sparked the creation of the ManyWeathers neckwarmers. Bondi has loved plants and gardening since she was young. Now in Portland she earned her master-gardener certificate and established a gardening business.

But she always got a chill in Portland’s cool, wet weather. One day she spontaneously sewed herself a neckwarmer to wear while she was digging in gardens. Fleece was clearly the appropriate, lightweight, versatile fabric.

She wore her neckwarmer gardening and to the store. She brought it on hikes and rafting trips. She dressed it up with a jacket when she was going out for the evening, for a dinner or an event. She made herself more neckwarmers out of different colors.

Delighted with her creation, she made a spring green version for her gardening clients that holiday season. They begged for more so they could give them to their friends—and ManyWeathers was born.



ManyWeathers° donates products to Letty Owings Center/Central City Concern and Human Solutions.

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