“I just wanted to write and let you know that last summer I purchased two of your skirts and I have finally been able to wear them. I LOVE THEM! With a pair of leggings, I wear them all the time. They are warm and comfortable. I can work on my property, climb into a truck, bend and wiggle and if I’m not too dirty, I can still go to town! These are worth every penny and I could not be more happy!”-Jennifer Angell, Portland, OR

“I love my Many Weathers neck band. I just got it this year and it’s become such an indispensable part of my wardrobe I’m not sure how I made it through the fall-winter-spring seasons before! It’s super soft, comfortable and the fixed loop means I don’t have long scarf ends to fight when I’m wearing it while working, cooking or eating. My friends are all happily “snugging themselves” after I gave everyone bands for Christmas this year.” –Marcy Newton, Portland, OR

Tandin in Black NWYou know, one of the best things about these is wearing them around the house….. they are perfect, soft, and have a way of warming one in a cool house without seeming like too much or outdoor clothing. Of course I love them outside too but they have changed my life indoors!”

Elena Smith, White Salmon, WA

Hey guys..these are the best neck warmers or ear covers for working, or walking outdoors in the Fall weather..not as fussy as a scarf and stylish to boot” –Janet Livesay, Portland, OR

“I have several, in different colors. They are warm without the bulk of a scarf. And they make great gifts. Dave wears them all winter.”  -Sasha Nyary, MA 




” the lovely pink neckwarmer. My grand kids from California were here for spring break. Sara,17, saw the warmer and loved it! So like a good grandma, I let her take it”

– Phyllis Chernin, NYC

“Your neckwarmer is looser, more comfortable, more fashionable and the fleece is nicer, prettier, and thicker. It looks dressier like I’m going for a walk in my neighborhood”

– Susan Post, Portland OR

Before Many Weathers got its name it was called Bondiwear. Because of trademark issues Bondiwear disappeared and Many Weathers came about. A friend of mine bought a neckwarmer for her daughter Sara in the UK. They always skype on Sara’s birthday. This is how she told it to me. “The first one she opened was your neckwarmer and immediately put it on in four different ways that were totally cute and completely worked and started telling me how these were all the rage in the UK. Then she said, ‘Who needs Gucci when you have Bondi?’ ”

-Mary Clare, Portland OR

Sara in the UK


Many Weathers

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